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Time’s Edge is a first place winner of the Tassy Walden Award, a literary prize given by the Shoreline Arts Alliance of Connecticut. A fast-paced tale, the story blends adventure, humor, and romance in a fun-to-read mix of science fiction and fantasy.

Cover art is “Drustan’s Nebula” by Ali Ries.

Michael Blayne is a commander in the Galactic Armed Forces and on a mission so secret, he can’t be told what it is.

Kate stopped suddenly and stared at him. “You think I know who did this to us?”
“The thought had occurred to me,” he responded dryly.
“I don’t know anything about this.” She moved closer and glared up at him. “And you’ve got some damned nerve suggesting I do. If anyone knows what’s going on here, it’s you.”
“You brought me here, I didn’t bring you.”
“I did no such thing!” Kate’s voice rose in outrage.
“No?” Michael met her angry gaze coolly. “Let’s look at the facts. I’m in search of a stolen item. I traced that item to the building you were in. I saw you coming out of the room where the stolen item was located. And before I could investigate further, there was an explosion, and I found myself in another… Well, we’ll just call it another world and leave it at that. What conclusions would you draw?”

He is thrown into another time and place with no explanation, stuck with a smart-mouthed computer, an ultra-correct android, and a woman who may either be falling in love with him or trying to kill him.
And all that occurs before his real enemy appears.

Time’s Edge is available from Amazon.

Cover art is “Lazarus Nebula” by Ali Ries

Commander Michael Blayne is on a quest he doesn’t like to find an object he doesn’t want…
There is a prophecy that hints he cannot succeed…
An oracle warns that everyone close to him will perish if he fails…
Those closest to him are keeping secrets that affect not only his quest but his very life…
And the truth about his life and destiny is the most closely guarded secret of all…

Time’s Secret is the 2nd book in the Time’s Edge series.




Cover art is “Jewels” by Ali Ries

When Michael Blayne awakens after falling through a portal in another realm, he does not know where he is. He does not know how he arrived or even why he is there. In fact, there is only one thing he does know. He’s in trouble.

Michael soon has more problems than just his lost memory. As he seeks to disentangle reality from illusion, he learns he must not only discover the truth, but he must find a way to escape from a world that no one has ever escaped from and to defeat an enemy that no one has ever defeated.

Time’s Illusion is the 3rd book in the Time’s Edge series.



Cover art is “Between Two Suns” by Ali Ries

Michael Blayne thought his worries were over. He had resigned from the Galactic Armed Forces, fulfilled the prophecy of the Golden Dragon, and unraveled the secret of the Origin Stone.

Then a messenger appeared at his door.

Within hours Michael was an outlaw and on the run from the Ratherian army, the GAF, and agents from the mysterious realm known as Time’s Edge. He quickly learned there was no place in the galaxy where they could not find him and knew from experience when you cannot run or hide, you have only one choice left…


Time’s Rebels is the fourth book in the Time’s Edge series.



Time's Warriors website

Cover art is “Come 2012″ by Ali Ries

When a dark energy invades the galaxy, Michael Blayne and his wife, Kate Weston, are among the few unaffected by the malevolent force. Nearly everyone around them has fallen victim to the darkness. Even Time’s Edge itself, the mysterious realm that governs the galaxy, has not escaped the dark forces.
Michael knows he must go to Time’s Edge and search through the infinite realm for a way to battle the dark energy. Kate, however, has foreseen that he, too, will fall to the darkness.

Time’s Warriors is the fifth book in the Time’s Edge series.

Time’s Warriors is now available at Amazon.



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